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User Knobs

The ARCUS is a custom/user knobs rack extension for Reason.

Custom knobs with precision, curving, configurable outputs, and direct visual feedback on the position of the knob and shape of the output. It can also be used as a CV shaper/smoother.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

    on the front panel:
  • 4 user knobs with rainbow coloring (violet through green, on the front and folded front)
  • large text labels (front, back, and folded front)
  • number and 2d plot displays (high/mid/low can be drawn on the plots too)
  • up/down meters on both, showing the current value, high, mid, and low

  • high and low boundaries
  • midpoint curving (with option to do relative to high/low or as a fixed point)
  • s-curving (a single s-curve amount for this, but with toggles for each section to use it or not)
  • 5 curve functions

  • multiple bi/uni modes: bipolar, unipolar, negative unipolar, notes, smooth notes, and velocities
    (some are functionally equivalent but display differently)
  • sources (freely-chosen from the knobs and performance properties)
  • special behaviors for knobs with non-default sources
    (adding to or scaling the value as bi/uni, etc.)
  • level adjusters (0%-400%) with an option to choose how this is centered
  • direct invert, negate, and level adjustment on the displays

  • a general CV smoother with a setting for conversion from one audio rate to another
  • drop-down option menu that shows abbreviations of the important options in its display

    on the back panel, for each section:
  • 3 main outputs
  • 3 configurable outputs with invert and negate toggles, plus amount knobs (0%-400%)
  • 1 direct knob output (bi or uni)
  • direct mod inputs for the knob/value and midpoint with amount knobs (+/- 0%-200%)

  • help popups on the front and back
  • 22 example combinator patches (15 instruments and 7 effects)

Intro Video:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Notes:

In no particular order:

1. Num/Plot selector isn't saved with songs (Plot gets selected)
Well, shit. Just noticed this (right before release). Maybe I can fix it, maybe not. :)
It's set up this way so the Undo feature ignores switching it.

2. Colorblind options
If this sells and there's enough interest, and/or the same with the upcoming device these knobs came from, I may give some options for these colors. It's not trivial, otherwise I'd have done it already. ;)

3. Future features?
Depending on how this does, other possible future features include: more mod inputs with some kind of mod matrix, custom-drawn-waves, etc.