Alien Seed Tech
CV Shaper

The HERMES is a CV Shaper rack extension for Reason.

4 identical CV Shapers with high/low boundaries, mid curving x2 (with 5 curve functions), shared curve sections capable of s-curving, curved steps, etc.; steps, smoothing, advanced bi/uni modes, tons of sources, a very capable mod section, on-device graphical help section, tons of back panel I/O; wide text labels on the front, back, and folded front; and more!

Download the user manual here.

on the front panel:
  • 4 shaper sections, each with:
    • a 2d plot
    • high/mid/mid2/low boundaries and curving
    • relative or fixed midpoints toggle (so that mid becomes relative to high/low or at a fixed position, which also allows both high and low to be < or > than mid)
    • invert, negate, and level-adjust buttons that directly alter high/mid/mid2/low.

    • a large source list (back panel inputs, including mod inputs; shaper outputs, performance properties, a virtual knob, etc.)
    • 5 auto-converting bi/uni modes: bi, uni, uni negative, notes, smooth notes, velocities
    • latching and sample and holding
    • copy-to and reset commands in the source/mode menu

    • batch-by-batch smoothing (with automatic conversion between sample rates)
    • steps (2-64) with a choice of 3 placements in the order of operations
    • a value display
    • level adjuster (0%-400%) without clipping
    • 5 curve functions each for mid and mid2 curves (2 x^n curves, 2 lg n curves, and 1 equal-curved ROCC)

    • 4 curve section slots and orders-of-execution that refer to the 4 curve sections (this allows shapers to share and mix and match curve sections)
    • curve sections (curve, curve function, s-curve and other permutations of curve types, and a curve multiplier)

    • a user text label that displays on the front, back, and folded front

  • a mult-function screen on the left side:
    • larger 2d plots for each shaper
    • a comprehensive mod section:
      • 12 mod slots (broken up into 2 pages)
      • all sources and destinations available
      • one source can be wired to 1-4 targets in one entry
      • bank-to-bank modding (4 sources wired to 4 targets in parallel with one entry)
      • 6 scaler mod slots (broken up into 2 pages)
      • each can scale combos of the normal mods: just 1 up to all of them.
    • 2 pages of options
    • a help section that both labels each control and also provides help screens that summarize each control via clicking on them

  • patch browser
  • a popup text help menu
on the back panel:
  • 16 general mod inputs (broken up into 4 banks of 4 for use with the bank-to-bank modding)
  • for each shaper:
    • 3 main inputs (with custom amount knobs: +/- 200%)
    • unipolar inputs toggle (to "stretch" uni inputs to cover the entire range before bi/uni conversion on the front)
    • radio toggle selector to sum, average, or multiply those inputs

    • 4 direct mod inputs for high, mid, mid2, and low (with amount knobs)

    • 4 main outputs
    • 4 custom outputs, each with invert and negate toggles (inversion vs. negation: depends on the high/mid/low settings whether these are unique), and a custom amount knob (0-400%)

    • a text label (the same as on the front and folded front)
on the folded front:
  • patch browser
  • text labels