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Kron    CV Toolbox

The Kron is a rack extension for Reason that can do just about anything with CV.

  • It has 4 main LFOs that take basic waveforms and curve and shape them extensively,
  • a grid combiner/selector/looper/crossfader plus delay for combining and choosing amongst these LFOs and other signals,
  • 2 special purpose LFO quants (used as quantizers, internal and external gate generators, and mod sources),
  • gate channels on all major components, driven by sources and quants,
  • quantizer channels on LFOs and grid, driven directly by the quants,
  • a gate-driven envelope,
  • user knobs and buttons with text labels,
  • extensive mod sections for the major components,
  • tons of back panel input and output connections,
  • and plenty of lamps and displays to show you exactly what's going on.
  • It's seriously packed with menus, knobs, and buttons, but most optional things light up when in use and go dark when not, so it's easy to see at a glance what's going on.
  • And if you ever get confused, there are help menus in each section that go into detail on each control.
Coming Soon!