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PSDN CV Envelope Generator

MAJOR UPGRADE ON THE WAY! The PSDN 2.0 adds true polyphony (8 + 8 / 16 channels), meters for each channel, and a 2d display of the envelopes. On the back panel, it has direct note, gate, and envelope outs for each channel, along with a custom CHAIN I/O for passing packed note/gate/envelope data between PSDNs and future REs. (I also plan to add Blamsoft's PolyCV in the version following the new one.) This version also fixes a few bugs and adds some other features, such as a new set of sync lengths for the envelopes.

The PSDN-Env is a dual 6-stage CV envelope generator for Reason. The two envelopes can be linked and combined together, launching and releasing the 2nd envelope from any of the 1st envelope's stages. Each envelope has a curve and shaping section that can alter each attack, decay, and release ramp. It also has an extensive front panel mod section, along with a bunch of back panel connections and options, including another link designed for chaining these devices together to form even more complex envelopes.

Download the user manual here.

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Front Panel:
  • each envelope has 6 stages: attack delay, attack, decay delay, decay, sustain, and release
  • the two envelopes can function independently or linked together via the link menu
  • when a stage is active, it lights up green underneath its fader
  • the link start and end positions can be freely chosen and also display underneath the faders in red
  • several options can scale the two to each other and to input gates
  • both envelopes have a curve section with mathematical functions and simple shapes (like s-curve)
  • each attack, decay, and release ramp has a variable for that function and a midpoint knob for simplified/extra shaping, along with a use button that will use the shape on that ramp
  • with these, it's easy to make gentle approaches, sudden drops, s-curves, and pretty much any kind of nonlinear envelope you could want
  • other standard envelope controls: invert, loop, level, and sync/free to switch between ramp types
  • free fader lengths go from 0 to 31.5 seconds; 38 sync fader lengths go from instant to 128/4 (e.g. 1/4, 1/2T, 3/8, 1/2, etc.)
  • gate-in and note-on lamps, plus an output display for each envelope
  • a full-featured front panel mod section allows you to modify any envelope parameter, including the ability to add-in signals, with each mod entry allowing 1-4 inputs to mod 1-2 values
  • device on/off, graphics on/off, and a frames-per-second (FPS) knob
  • a help menu
  • smooth (average) knobs on each envelope (new in v1.02)

Folded Front Panel:
  • on/off, sync, and invert toggles, envelope stage knobs, level knobs, stage indicator lamps, and output displays for each envelope
  • device on/off, graphics on/off, and the two link start/end positions

Back Panel:
  • 4 outputs per envelope with the ability to make some of them bipolar and/or inverted relative to the main signal
  • 2 gate-ins per envelope
  • gate-outs for each stage, with a level knob to set the output gate velocity
  • option to limit the last stage, done, along with a length knob for it
  • toggles to turn any of the 2nd envelope's sections into the 1st's, doubling its inputs and outputs.
  • 8 inputs for use with the front panel mods
  • an extra link that displays on the front panel in yellow, allowing multiple devices to be chained together.
  • 4 extra outputs that can be wired up to any source via the front panel mods
  • a help menu